What is Genius Wefts?

What is Genius Wefts?

Nowadays, it's worth noting that more and more hairstylists are switching hand-tied and machine-tied wefts to genius wefts. This is a revolutionary improvement on hair extensions and it’s getting more and more popular. This article will help you get full knowledge of genius wefts, whether you use this type of hair extension or not.

We will elaborate on below four points:

  • What are genius wefts?
  • The advantage of genius wefts.
  • How genius wefts are produced?
  • If all genius wefts on current market are same?

  • What are genius wefts?

Genius weft is a new improved version of traditional hand-tied wefts. They are micro-thin, less bulky, and almost invisible compared to any other type of hair wefts extensions on the market.

Genius wefts are also known as elite wefts, coveted wefts, pro hand-tied wefts, micro thin wefts and so on.

  • The advantage of genius wefts.

Genius wefts have main four advantages.

First, it has a thinner seam than traditional hand-tied wefts, which allows it lays flatter against the head even stacking many wefts together;

Second, it has zero return or mustache hair, so no irritation at all;

Third, it can be cut at any point where hairstylists want and without unraveling;

Forth, it is much more affordable than hand-tied wefts since it’s machine work and not require abundant delicate manual work!

  •  How genius wefts are produced.

Well, this has to be a “secret”.

Believe it or not, you can find videos or pictures on how to produce any other type of hair extensions, but not genius wefts. This is a new and secret technique and factories make money with this limited known technique.

Genius wefts are getting popular, but very limited factories have the machine to produce them and actually, it’s not an open technique. Most factories that claim to sell genius weft just prepare hair bulk and send hair to those factories that can make to finish the final step. The factories that have this technique will produce their own order first and those orders from other factories will have to wait in line. This is the reason that some factories have a longer delivery time than others.

Over time, this technology may slowly become known to the public. Who knows!

  • If all genius wefts on current market are same?


All pictures of genius wefts that you can search on internet are basically same and all suppliers claim theirs are soft and flexible, but you will feel the huge difference when touch the seam. The key to genius wefts is the material used on seam, test and compare which one is soft, thin, and strong enough.

  • Try a genius wefts sample now!

To get more info or want to try a genius weft sample, please message us directly. We will back to you within 12 hours.

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